Ibrahim Tahmid

Ph.D. Researcher

AR/VR Application Designer

Hello there! I'm a 4th-year Ph.D. student in Computer Science and Applications at Virginia Tech and a proud member of the 3D Interaction Group and the Center for Human-Computer Interaction (CHCI).  My research work is advised by Dr. Doug Bowman. Prior to joining Virginia Tech, I completed B.Sc. in Computer Science from Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET)

I'm passionate about Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and understanding how humans interact in 3D space. In an immersive application, we have the unique opportunity to combine the ease of natural movements with the computational power of the digital system. This opens up the possibility of a digital assistant that can enhance your experience in your daily tasks by guessing what you want to do before you actually do it based on your hand gestures, head movement, and even your eye gaze direction. What excites me most about VR/AR technology is the vast window of opportunity it opens up with rich semantic interactions. Gone are the days where we are limited by the two-dimensional screens where the only tool of use is the mouse in hand. Welcome the headset and hand controllers where your workspace is wherever you want it to be! Your applications are no longer confined in a box, rather they can float around you with no restriction of space whatsoever. 

However, although the sci-fi movie-style scenario sounds exciting and promising, the unfamiliarity of the technology can be a real barrier. That's where I come in. I'm excited about investigating the possibilities of interactions in immersive space and studying human behaviors while completing tasks in AR/VR. My ultimate goal is to design user interfaces and interaction techniques that can potentially increase productivity while providing ease of use in completing real-world tasks in AR/VR. Because after all, I truly believe that AR headsets will replace the smartphones in our pockets in the not-so-distant future. Prove me wrong? Feel free to reach out to me at iatahmid@vt.edu.

I presented our work on predicting relevance based on eye-tracking data at the ISMAR '23 in Sydney, Australia.

I also demonstrated our work on collaborative lit review in cross-reality systems which was chosen as one of the finalists for the ISMAR Design Competition.


Hit the first century in citations! Woohoo! Checkout my Google Scholar page.

December, 2023

Got featured in the Virginia Tech News and CHCI News.

November, 2023

Presented one paper and one contest entry at ISMAR 23 in Sydney, Australia.

August, 2023

Accepted as the Finalist for the ISMAR 23 Design Competition.

August, 2023

3/3 IST papers got accepted in ISMAR '23!

August, 2023

I will be serving as the Cranwell International Student Ambassador this year.

May, 2023

Proud to volunteer at the IEEEVR 2023 Satelite Event at Virginia Tech

March, 2023

Finalist for the IEEEVR 3DUI Contest 2023. Read more about it.

March, 2023

Our work on Semi Automated Clustering got accepted in ISMAR '22. Read the paper here.

August, 2022

Our work on Gaze Ray techniques for Collaborative Model-free AR got accepted in TVCG. Read the paper here.

August, 2022

Worked as a Computing Scholar Intern at the Lawrence Livermore National Lab

Jun-Aug, 2022

We won the 3DUI Contest at IEEEVR '22! Back-to-back champion! Read more about it.

Mar 16, 2022

Started as a Research Assistant with Dr. Doug Bowman.

Jan 18, 2022

Started as a Teaching Assistant for CS3114 Data Structures and Algorithm

July 12, 2021

Started as a Research Assistant advised by Dr. Doug Bowman

May 10, 2021

Our project from the 3DI Group won the 3DUI contest at IEEEVR '21! Read more about it.

April 01, 2021

Ph.D. Qualifier exam completed

February 16, 2021

Started as a Teaching Assistant for CS3704 Software Engineering, Spring '21

January 22, 2021

 Conference paper accepted at USENIX Security '21! Read more about it.

December 07, 2020