Fantastic Voyage 2021: Using Interactive VR Storytelling to Explain Targeted COVID-19 Vaccine Delivery to Antigen-presenting Cells

Lei Zhang, Feiyu Lu, Ibrahim Asadullah Tahmid, Lee Lisle, Shakiba Davari, Nicolas Gutkowski, Luke Schlueter, Doug Bowman2021 IEEE Conference On Virtual Reality and 3D User Interfaces (VR), IEEEWINNER OF THE 3DUI CONTEST
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T-Miner: A Generative Approach to Defend Against Trojan Attacks on DNN-based Text Classification

Ahmadreza Azizi, Ibrahim Asadullah Tahmid, Asim Waheed, Neal Mangaokar, Jiameng Pu, Mobin Javed, Chandan K. Reddy, Bimal Viswanath30th USENIX Security SymposiumINPROCEEDINGS
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Efficient Association Mapping from K-Mers: An Application in Finding Sex-Specific Sequences

Zakaria Mehrab, Jaiaid Mobin, Ibrahim Asadullah Tahmid, Atif RahmanPublic Library of Science (PLOS ONE)JOURNAL
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Reference Free Association Mapping from Sequencing Reads Using K-Mers

Zakaria Mehrab, Jaiaid Mobin, Ibrahim Asadullah Tahmid, Lior Pachter, Atif RahmanBio-Protocol JOURNAL


Mining Developer Questions about Major Web Frameworks

Zakaria Mehrab, Raquib Bin Yousuf, Ibrahim Asadullah Tahmid, Rifat Shahriyar14th International Conference on Web Information and Technologies (WEBIST)INPROCEEDINGS